Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm SO Behind!

I drowned the camera (yes it's beyond resuscitation) coming home from the Nashville Needlework Market in March and I guess the lack of pictures made me forget to post about Market.  The camera was in a bin with the humidifier (the Embassy Suites in Franklin is SO dry so I bring the humidifier).  I didn't drain the humidifier before putting it into the bin, but the camera was in a plastic grocery bag and I thought it would be safe . . . nope.  So . . . no pictures.

Trust me, it was fun and great to see all the designer and shop owner friends I've made and meet new ones!  I vowed I wasn't going to shop at this Market . . . no time to stitch other designer's things . . . I just couldn't resist!
AND . . . we also have to visit quilt shops around town . . .
Isn't this cute!  Oh . . . there was some fabric purchases as well . . . what can I say?

For me, Market went well.  Seemed like traffic was a little light but, sales were good!  I had 6 new designs.  Three released right after Market.
Barn Quilt Sampler

Barn Quilt Sewing Accessories

Don't Quit You Day Dream

And 3 that were available at Market, but not released until May.
Love Thy Neighbor

Humble And Kind

Life is Fragile (Ripple Effect Pattern - profits donated to The American Cancer Society)

Now, prep work is being done for Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, NH.  YIKES!  I leave a week from today . . . the show is May 3-7, 2017 at the Nashua Courtyard Marriott.  For all the information you can check out their website: http://celebrationofnw.com/

AND . . . I get to visit my daughter in Connecticut on the way up and back . . . an extra treat ! ! !

Come by and see us at the Merchant Mall at Celebrations! ! !



  1. Sorry about your camera. :(
    Sounds like you've been busy ever since market.
    Have fun visiting your daughter.

  2. Oh dear sorry about your camera
    Love all your stitches
    Sending you love and smiles x

  3. Just found your Amazing Grace pillow- can I purchase your chart?

  4. I would not be able to use these cute waxers either. Janice


  5. where can i find that fabulous red chicken?

  6. I got the chicken at Crackle Barrel. They're always changing their merchandise so I'm not sure you can still find it.